Tuesday, June 16, 2009


RIFE Putters, LLC began operations in late 2004 and has since become the fastest growing putter company in the world. While the company was founded in 2004, Guerin Rife, the designer, had been in the golf business for some 15 years prior. Mr. Rife began designing training products and clubs as a hobby and for friends in the early 1990’s. He designed training aids for some of the top teachers in the industry including David Leadbetter, Rick Smith, and Jim McLean while he was the Art Director for the Leo Burnett Advertising Agency in Chicago. By the mid 1990’s Mr. Rife had also developed RollGroove Technology and patented the unique horizontally and precisely spaced grooves that are now on all RIFE Putters. In 1998, Mr. Rife licensed RollGroove Technology to Top Flite, which was owned by Spalding Brands at the time. Mr. Rife reacquired the rights to the RollGroove Technology and began presenting his designs to the PGA Tour and selling products to retailers throughout the US. By 2004, the initial designs for the original Two Bar putter had been developed by Mr. Rife, and he knew it was time to bring the technology and his unique design capabilities to the masses via a 30 minute infomercial. From his initial experiments on the PGA Tour in 2004, we now have over 100 tour players worldwide using our putters weekly. RIFE Putters is the #1 putter on the Champions Tour with as much as 40% of the field putting a RIFE in Play.

RIFE Putters, LLC has since grown from a 3 person company in a 1000 sq ft office in Altamonte Springs, FL to a 9,000 sq ft 21 person operation with 40 independent U.S. sales reps and 29 international distributors. RIFE Putters main headquarters and warehouse facility is now located in Sanford, Florida but we also have warehousing facilities in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.

RIFE Putters takes its customer service very seriously, which is why we house all our operations in one facility and do not outsource. The same people that work with the best tour players in the world in our state of the art putting lab and on the various Tours will be the people that fulfill your order and help you with any questions you may have about your RIFE Putter. By way of our highly skilled staff, this website and our state-of the-art Sanford facility, we are about one thing- making you a better putter. I urge you to join our RIFE 4 Life members club as we will be building out this area of our site to have some of the most useful and practical putting tips and fitting information you will ever see. You will get inside information as to what is happening on Tour and what the latest product news is from RIFE Putters. Mr. Rife now lives in San Diego, CA so he can work daily with our design, machining and finishing houses as he continually designs the next great Rife Putter. The RIFE 4 Life members will be able to view product that may never be seen in retail stores.

Putters are our business. Our only business!! We are determined to make you a better putter and to help you enjoy golf more.See all Models of Rife Putters at our Website www.golfclubclearance.net


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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Exotics XLD-LS Driver

Today let’s talk about the Tour Edge Exotics Line in particular the XLD-LS Driver.The XLD-LS Driver is an experience in “fast” that will leave you breathless.Designed to create lightning-fast club head speed and stunning distance,every single aspect of the lightweight XLD_LS is dedicated to producing powerful drives. New advance-ments in the design of the head’s pentagon shape have led to a more sloping crown.The sloped crown moves the center of gravity even deeper in the head for optimal trajectory and raises the moment of inertia to maximize stability on off-center hits. At the front of this 6A4V titanium rocket is an all new CNC milled beta-titanium face.This super thin face harnesses the driver’s speed and translates it into a powerful launch. The XlD-LS also incorporates variable face thickness for a larger sweet spot and maximum launch speed across a wider hitting area.The result is more distance,even on miss-hits. The XLD-LS is complemented by a Graphite Design ultra-light 50-gram, 46″shaft.The shaft’s technology assists in generating more club speed without extra effort. An elegant and explosive combination of speed, distance and accuracy, the XLD-LS Driver will put your game into high gear. Combining this power-producing technology into one of the lightest drivers available today, the XLD-LS weighs in at only 295 grams. The club’s overall light weight and distance capabilities make it a truly superior weapon.Available for all players and all levels,men and ladies. EXTREME ENGINEERING For Longer Drives. For more information about this and other fine golf product’s contact us at www.golfclubclearance.net

10th-3largeToday I want to highlight Gauge Design/Whitlam golf products. Gauge Design Putters are a blend of today’s technology and yesterdays designs.Gauge Design Putters are the most precise milled putters in the golf industry.All putters are CNC milled and conform to the USGA”s strict guidelines governing the manufacture of golf equipment.In addition all Gauge Design Putters are made entirely in the USA. David Whitlam is the Craftsman behind Gauge Design and has made every putter from the company’s inception.The Gauge design name has been predominantly been associated with high-end.high quality, milled putters.Gauge Design putters are a blend yesterday’s most popular models and today’s technology.Putters are milled from a solid billet of mild steel, while one of the industry’s most popular tour putter manufacturers weld on hosels, and another makes cast putters with plastic face inserts. Gauge Design is now branching out and is now offering the same precision,high quality,and attention to detail in wedges and irons. The Gauge Design 10th Anniversary Putter is a limited run of 100 serialized putters.Milled from a solid block of 303 stainless steel,this classic head shape has a cool new logo placement that wraps around from the face to the sole.This putter comes with the black and red 10th Anniversary head cover and your choice of grip.Each putter is individually numbered from “001-100” to “100-100”. These putters are going for $500.00 each,with the exception of # 1 -# 5 which are $ 600 each.Gauge Design founder David Whitlam has over 15 years experience in the golf industry.David’s long-term goal is to make Gauge Design one of the few truly innovative putter companies in the world.Gauge design is already making making a substantial impact on the Japanese PGA Tour. For more information on these fine products and other high end golf products contact us at www.golfclubclearance.net10th-1large10th-2large Hit them long and straight.  Don

When I say fourteen clubs I’m not talking about the clubs in your bag. I want to talk about a Great Company with a great line of golf clubs.Fourteen Golf has it all Performance,Precision, and looks that kill. The irons stick closely to the philosophy that golfers should be able to let the club do all the hard work.They also stand up to Fourteen’s requirement that clubs should be just as easy on the eyes as they are to hit.Fourteen packs the finest craftsmanship,research, and artistry into each club, maximizing form and function. Fourteen prizes the feeling of unity between the club and the player,maintaining the highest standards in the game.Providing the 14 best clubs for every golfer.This is the policy they have embraced consistently since commencement of the golf club design, manufacturing,and sales operations in 1981. A full line of clubs,including Drivers, Irons,Wedges and putters. A full line of accessories and also a women’s line.For further information checkout our website atFourteen Golf TC-1000 Forged Ironspop_img_acs_cb0301_wo  14 bag White www.golfclubclearance.net May all your drives be long and straight. Until the next time. Don